Zürich to Munich | 蘇黎世去慕尼克巴士

I went to Munich, Germany for two days when i was in Zurich, for Coldplay concert. I took bus because it is faster and cheaper than bus, the bus station in Zurich is in Carpark Sihlquai near HBF, the bus was nice with large seat, it takes around 3.5hours to Munich, just for 19euro,

係Zurich期間有兩日去左Munich,我揀左搭DB既巴士,因為比較平同埋同火車差唔多,大概三個半鐘左右,Zurich既巴士站係HBF附近,叫Carpark Sihlquai,架巴士係有劃位的,仲有枱仔同wifi,幾舒服同有廁所,分上下層,下層既位係對住坐,好闊落。總點係19euro一程,搭火車起碼要幾十euro。

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