Zürich to Berlin | 蘇黎世去柏林

June 2017

Zürich to Berlin 

I chose the fastest way to Berlin, Airberlin from Zurich to Berlin Tegel just 60pound, and 1.5 hours, early morning flight 6.30am, have plenty of time when i arrived. I didn’t have checked bag because i brought it to my family when i went to Munich. Good choice to fly to Berlin, and Airberlin is good too. No delay, steady flight.

我揀左快快趣趣飛上柏林,重點係平過搭火車,Airberlin去Berlin Tegel只需60pound,然後當我去Munich既時候,我已經將個backpack帶左比家人,所以唔洗寄行李,有咁慳得咁慳,好早機6:20am,大約4點就要出發,係zurich去機場都係十幾分鐘,飛個半鐘就到柏林了。

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