Walking in Zürich | 蘇黎世行路 – Limmat, Zürich Lake

June 2017

Day 2

When i was doing project in zurich, it was in Zurich University of the Art located in Toni Areal, the plan was from school to Zurich Lake, a little walk start at school through Limmat River, it was a nice day, good weather and not many people. It was relaxing and confortable.

當時我做project既學校係Toni Areal站,嗰日既路線係由學校去Zurich Lake,首先由Toni Areal沿住Limmat River行到去HBF附近,大約半個鐘到一個鐘左右,天氣好又唔太熱,同埋唔係好多人,真係幾舒服。

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