Zürich cityscape | 蘇黎世市區

June 2017

Seven days in Zurich

Obviously seven days is just not enough, there are lots to see and enjoy, just a nice place to live there. Feeling less racial discrimination here, Swiss are just nice. The weather is just beautiful.

係Zurich七日係唔夠的,係一個生活質素非常好既城市,咁多日入面真係有好好explore個城市,遇到既瑞士人都好好,間大學前身係牛奶廠,將佢轉化為一間藝術大學,好自由,可以帶隻狗狗去學校天台玩,just nice。

Toni Areal | Zürich University of the Arts 

I was going to the university in Toni Areal everyday when i was in Zurich, the campus was a milk factory before and the building is very special, my favourite place is the rooftop, student can do anything there, like barbecue or some gathering, it is nice to just go up for some fresh air, the view is incredible. Some student will bring there dog to there (I met a super sweet and skinny dog).






Haus Konstruktiv

Some nice snaps outside Haus Konstruktiv





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